• Domino’s Pizza has big impact on job creation in South Africa Carlo_Gonzaga_Taste_Holdings_CEO_Dominos_PizzaSince its successful launch into the South African market in April last year, followed by the opening of six stores from October 2014, Domino’s Pizza has already made a noteworthy contribution to job creation around the country.  The six restaurants effectively employ over 180 people, and more than 300 jobs will be created with the opening of an additional 12 ...

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  • Rashal Patel – Maxi’s Northmead Mall Rashal and younger brother Chand Patel - Maxi's Northmead MallName: Rashal (and younger brother Chand Patel)
    Franchise name: Maxis
    Location of franchise: Northmead Mall
    1. Why did you go down the franchise route?
    Ever since I was in school I’ve always had big dreams of running a successful business
    2. Why did you choose your franchise?
    It was the one business that caught my eye when I was shopping around for a potential franchise
    3. What did ...

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  • [Opinion Piece] Customisation trend impacts QSR sector Yolandi Ferreira - MaxisIn a world where everyone wants to make their own personal mark, customisation is a burgeoning global trend. Personalised cars, cell phones, diets, calendars, gifts and jewellery are the order of the day, and not forgetting your Facebook page and those cola cans with your own name on them. Maxi’s marketing manager, Yolandi Ferreira says consumers today want to create ...
  • What is it like to own a franchise in South Africa? What's it like owning your own franchiseFranchise realities
    Many people believe that buying a franchise is an easy and quick way to become a millionaire. That they’ll invest a bit upfront and then let the strong brand and able employees do the rest.  In reality, very few franchisors want franchisees who are passive investors. Like starting any other business, owning a franchise demands an initial and ongoing ...

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