• Do I need to be an Entrepreneur to Become a Franchisee? Entrepeneur FranchiseeThe debate about whether you need to be an entrepreneur to become a franchisee or not, has raged in academic circles for some time now. Does a new Franchise need an Entrepreneur to make it successful, or has franchising become less needy of entrepreneurial spirit?
    On the one hand there is the contention that some franchisees are less like entrepreneurs than ...



  • Kip McGrath Franchise Changed Debbie’s Life Debbie Thacker - Kip McGrath FranchiseeName: Debbie Thacker
    Franchise name: Kip McGrath Education Centres
    Location of franchise: Van Riebeeck Park, Kempton Park
    Why did you go down the franchise route?
    I was working at “filler jobs” being a typical stay-at-home mom having given up my career to raise my children to the high school stage. Although I was working part-time, I was going stir crazy and needed additional mental ...


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